It could be your best friend, your husband, your girlfriend, your child or your parent. In other words, the addiction of your loved one is affecting your relationship with them.  We rationalize, justify, deny, enable- but nothing seems to change. With therapy, you can learn to not let the effects ripple through your relationship with yourself as well.

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As you navigate your journey toward your degree, you might be having to deal with other stressors: anxiety, depression, family separations, loved ones passing away, breakups, difficulty with school, etc. The list could become endless. I've been there and can understand how rough it could get. While in therapy, you can learn the appropriate coping mechanisms to steer in the right direction so that you can focus on enjoying your college experience. 

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You might focus too much on your weaknesses and everything wrong with you. This could have begun in childhood and, somehow the message that you are not good enough is the one that stayed with you.  Or you had a past traumatic experience that affected your feelings of self-worth.  Or you have a pattern of believing others’ perceptions about you. Although we cannot change the experiences in our past, we can still do a lot to change our current and future thoughts and expectations of ourselves. How we perceive ourselves has everything to do with the choices we make in life. With therapy, you can learn how to make choices that will lead you to a successful life. 

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