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In collaboration with your attorney or paralegal, the clinical evaluation is conducted to gather and provide evidence for a legal immigration case to document the psychological health of a client as well as the emotional, the spiritual, physical, and monetary impact of deportation demonstrating their need to stay in the United States.

En colaboración con su abogad@ o asistente legal, la evaluación clínica se lleva a cabo para juntar y proporcionar evidencia para un caso de inmigración legal para poder documentar la salud psicológica de un cliente, así como el impacto emocional, espiritual, físico y monetario que puede traer deportación, así poder demostrar su necesidad para quedarse en los Estados Unidos.

Extreme Hardship Waiver, Asylum Waiver, U-Visa & T-Visa


  1. Two 90-minute Interview Appointments with the person being evaluated (scheduled within two weeks of one another).

  2. Follow-Up Telephone Calls as needed: Communication regarding any missing information from the interview. 

  3. Collateral Communication with the attorney/paralegal on the case.

  4. The written draft will be sent to the attorney/paralegal to cross-reference and confirm information (such as dates and names).

  5. A copy of the finalized evaluation will be mailed to the attorney/paralegal and another copy will be sent to the client.


$850-$1250 (Cost depends on the type of evaluation and/or if you need the evaluation to be expedited.) (El costo depende del tipo de evaluación y/o si necesita que la evaluación sea acelerada).